Stuttgart goes München

Am Samstag geht es zur Anti-NSU-Demo in München; das bundesweite Bündnis, welches die Demonstration organisiert nimmt Tag für Tag anGröße zu und mittlerweile wird aus beinahe allen Ecken der BRD am Samstag nach München mobilisiert.

Auch aus Stuttgart gibt es eine Bus-Anreise; falls ihr noch Karten wollt solltet ihr euch bitte so schnell wie möglich über unser Kontaktformular melden oder einfach im Infoladen Stuttgart (Böblinger Str. 105, 70199 Stuttgart) vorbeischauen; denn die Tickets werden langsam knapp…

See you on the streets!

Du­ring the day:
Since a few years there is a big de­ba­te (es­pe­ci­al­ly in Ger­ma­ny) about re­ac­tio­na­ry ten­den­cies in al­ter­na­ti­ve sub­cul­tu­re (Oi/Punk­rock or hard­core scene). The phe­no­men­on is not new but the di­men­si­on in the in­ter­net ages and the ac­cep­tan­ce of in­hu­ma­ne ideas and be­ha­vi­ors is on ano­ther level. It`s more viewa­ble. These peop­le are not ty­pi­cal bone­head. But they are the stir­rup hol­ders of prag­ma­tism and a dan­ge­rous neo- con­ser­va­ti­ve way of live. Ho­mo­pho­bic, se­xist, na­tio­na­list and ra­cist ele­ments cha­rac­te­ri­ze these „Grey­zo­ne“ way of life. One day on a Neo Nazi con­cert, next day on a al­ter­na­ti­ve punk or hard­core show. Wi­thout bad con­sci­ence. Our pro­gres­si­ve DIY world is gonna be used by these peop­le and their re­ac­tio­na­ry ideas. At least it could be just a empty word and not re­al­ly re­vo­lu­tio­na­ry any more. A very dan­ge­rous trend!
The lec­tu­re will show you a lot of ex­am­ples from Ger­ma­ny and other coun­tri­es. It will show you ex­am­ples how this „Grey­zo­ne“ world works . The in­ten­si­on is to bring this im­portant and ne­cessa­ry de­ba­te to a broad range of peop­le ever­yw­he­re.

There is a camp­ground this year, that is open and avail­able from Fri­day 12 o‘clock till the end of the fes­ti­val. You can get In­for­ma­ti­on at re­gis­ter yours­elf at „Elen­der Ver­ed­ler“. In ad­di­ti­on, the­res going to be a bbq on Sa­tur­day, with three live acts. Star­ting at 12 pm. Costs: Just a small Do­na­ti­on for Ronny the pro­per­ty owner, who is im­pri­so­ned in Stamm­heim at the mo­ment, but is pro­vi­ding us his lawn for the camp­ground.


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