All Power To The People-Festival Vol.2 am 3.-4. Mai

Die GenossInnen von RASH-Stuttgart organisieren anfang Mai ein Festival im Linken Zentrum Lilo Herrmann.

Spielen werden u.a. Größen wie „The Opressed“ und die Russischen Genossen von „What We Feel“

Es lohnt sich; schaut vorbei!


Hier der Ankündigungstext und das Lineup:

Since a few years there is a big de­ba­te (es­pe­ci­al­ly in Ger­ma­ny) about re­ac­tio­na­ry ten­den­cies in al­ter­na­ti­ve sub­cul­tu­re (Oi/Punk­rock or hard­core scene). The phe­no­men­on is not new but the di­men­si­on in the in­ter­net ages and the ac­cep­tan­ce of in­hu­ma­ne ideas and be­ha­vi­ors is on ano­ther level. It`s more viewa­ble. These peop­le are not ty­pi­cal bone­head. But they are the stir­rup hol­ders of prag­ma­tism and a dan­ge­rous neo- con­ser­va­ti­ve way of live. Ho­mo­pho­bic, se­xist, na­tio­na­list and ra­cist ele­ments cha­rac­te­ri­ze these „Grey­zo­ne“ way of life. One day on a Neo Nazi con­cert, next day on a al­ter­na­ti­ve punk or hard­core show. Wi­thout bad con­sci­ence. Our pro­gres­si­ve DIY world is gonna be used by these peop­le and their re­ac­tio­na­ry ideas. At least it could be just a empty word and not re­al­ly re­vo­lu­tio­na­ry any more. A very dan­ge­rous trend!
The lec­tu­re will show you a lot of ex­am­ples from Ger­ma­ny and other coun­tri­es. It will show you ex­am­ples how this „Grey­zo­ne“ world works . The in­ten­si­on is to bring this im­portant and ne­cessa­ry de­ba­te to a broad range of peop­le ever­yw­he­re.

There is a camp­ground this year, that is open and avail­able from Fri­day 12 o‘clock till the end of the fes­ti­val. You can get In­for­ma­ti­on at re­gis­ter yours­elf at „Elen­der Ver­ed­ler“. In ad­di­ti­on, the­res going to be a bbq on Sa­tur­day, with three live acts. Star­ting at 12 pm. Costs: Just a small Do­na­ti­on for Ronny the pro­per­ty owner, who is im­pri­so­ned in Stamm­heim at the mo­ment, but is pro­vi­ding us his lawn for the camp­ground.


VVK i.A.v. RASH /// STGT @
El Topo’s Stutt­gart
In­fo­la­den Stutt­gart
True Rebel Store
US Shop Stutt­gart (nur gegen Bar­zah­lung)



Frei­tag 3.​Mai

Red Union (Ser­bi­en)
Ash­pipe (Ita­li­en)
The Higg­ins (Aalen)
Was­ted Youth (Schwä­bisch Gmünd)
Ro­idi­ge Hunde (Nür­tin­gen)
Kotze am Boden der Ge­sell­schaft (Stress­lin­gen)

Af­ter­show­nigh­ter (Old Fa­shio­ned Rude Boys)
2nd Floor: Hard core and Punk rock

Sams­tag 4.​Mai

The Op­pres­sed (Wales)
What We Feel (Russ­land)
Small Town Riot (Ham­burg)
Brickheads (Ser­bi­en)
The Mal­adro!ts (Schopf­heim)
En­ra­ged Mi­no­ri­ty (Frei­burg)
Bau­ern­brot (Her­ren­berg)

Af­ter­show­nigh­ter (Roddy Mo­re­no & Big Ace)
2nd Floor: Hard core and Punk­rock